Creative Photoshoots that capture your true radiance and honour your cyclical nature. 

Women often say a photo sessions with me is like getting married to yourself. We weave the elements of nature together in images that will make your heart sing.

You’ll enjoy a magical day at a beautiful location. I’ll guide you to open to pure sensation, experience your life force and be free in your sacred feminine essence. Emotions are welcomed, witnessed and felt in a held space as we journey together through the many facets of being a woman. I’ll be there to help you move through each wave and capture all the magic on camera so you can see yourself through a new lens.

Join me for an adventure into your soul expression that witnesses your connection to the seasons, elements and cycles of life… in images that make your heart sing.

What type of photo-sessions are available?

I help women self-actualise on their journey of personal and spiritual development. As well as supporting women business owners to create authentic imagery for their personal brand. With so many women now stepping into self-employment, often my photoshoots are a combination of the two.

I’m based in the UK and my favourite locations are in south Devon where the land has deep resonance with feminine magic. 

Curious to know more? This will be a magical experience for us both I promise! Visit my gallery or reach out to book your free discovery call. 

Samjhana is an amazing female spiritual guide and I’m sure she channels activations through her lens. WOW !! I felt safe, held, beautiful and uplifted.  Imagine feeling treated as the goddess you are and birthing into that fully, Samjhana brings that into possibility and full reality.

I absolutely love my photos, my website now looks amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you…. You are awesome!!

Shirley Joffe

Coach for Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs

Inner Seasons Mandalas

Once a month I gather the flora and fauna of the season and make an offering to the earth by creating a beautiful mandala. It’s a meditation and ritual I’ve woven into my moon time on day 3 or 4 of my menstrual cycle. These seasonal offerings to Gaia that guide us home to love and invite us to connect with the growth, abundance, healing and wisdom of the seasons. It’s a blessing to share these portals with you.