Personal Brand Photoshoot 

Engage your audience with photos that make your heart sing

Amazing brand photography more than creating authentic imagery that captures your spirit and helps you stand out in the crowd. It’s your presence, connection and life-force that will stop people in their scroll. I guide you to weave in the seasons and elements of nature that help your brand message bloom.

Your photoshoot is an opportunity to create a powerful ritual that acts as a portal to step confidently into the next phase of your life and business.

Working with Samjhana is a profoundly healing experience. I have always hated  photoshoots but with Samjhana I can just be me. Se captures my heart in every picture. It’s so important to have someone on the other side of the lens that loves you as the way the photographer sees you is literally magnified through the lens and shows in the pictures. I am so grateful to her for making me feel safe, look beautiful and create a powerful brand identity.

Sky Acamesis

Medical Intuitive and Theta Healing Instructor

I know your vision is way bigger than you. It’s a drop in the ocean that sends ripples all across the seas and has the power to change lives and shift the collective consciousness. In this moment of global transition, we’re being called to ignite our true nature, shine brightly and share our offerings for the greater good. Don’t let your fear of the camera or of being seen in the world get in the way of that. With me as your guide it’s possible to move through it and never look back. I’ve witnessed it 100’s of times over the past 12 years of serving women creatively.

How would you like to make nature a powerful ally on this journey by weaving the forces of nature into your business? When you align your photography with the seasons and elements that support you and your message, this shows the Earth that you’re listening and she responds with helping hands to guide you.

And I’m not kidding around, this is pure magic we weave together. Activations happen through the lens. You’ll get to see your soul-light, perhaps for the first time and feel more confident on camera than ever before.

I’m Samjhana Moon and I’ve supported heart-focused entrepreneurs, artists, healers and business owners for over a decade to grow their business and their confidence with stunning imagery that captures their true essence.

I’ve spent many years indulging in Tai Chi practice, conversations with nature and witnessing light-forms. This has gifted me the ability to see the life-force flowing and capture your spirit through my lens. When you meet yourself in this way, you’ll see yourself from a whole new perspective. And from this place, a new creative relationship with life begins to unfold. The experience will widen the horizon of what’s possible in your life and your business. So you can get out of your own way and illuminate the new world with your special kind of magic.

Samjhana is an amazing female spiritual guide and I’m sure she channels activations through her lens.  WOW !!

I felt safe, held, beautiful and uplifted.  Imagine feeling treated as the goddess you are and birthing into that fully, Samjhana brings that into possibility and full reality. I absolutely love my photos!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…. You are awesome!!

Shirley Joffe

Coach for Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs

As you step into a creative space with me as your guide, we’ll set clear intentions for your photo session that go way beyond hair, make-up and wardrobe. We’ll choose a location and a season that aligns with your core message. On the day of your photo-session I’ll help you drop into pure sensation so the lifeforce shines through you and we’ll capture it all in stunning photographs you’ll love to share. 

You’ll feel fully supported before, during and after your photography experience. Held in a sacred container where all the magic happens in these 3 steps:

Pre-shoot mapping
Here’s where the magic begins. My pre-shoot ‘get to know you questionnaire and consultation will help me translate your message and vision into powerful imagery. We’ll explore the seasons and elements of your brand and I’ll help you select the perfect timing and location for your photoshoot. We’ll also plan to work around your menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases to ensure the moment of your session is fully charged. All the practical aspects will be covered such as outfits, make-up and everything you need to consider before this special date with yourself.

VIP Photo-shoot
We’ll start the day with a trusted make-up artist and hair stylist to pamper you and prepare you for the day. When we arrive at your location, we’ll open with a ritual to onnect you to the land and call in any support you need. Guided by me, you’ll relax into the beautiful natural surroundings and feel like a superstar in front of my camera. Any nervousness will fall away through the play, pleasure and presence of just being and I’ll capture you in authentic moments of connection that you’ll love to share.

Choose from full day or half-day packages to suit your needs and finances. Many of my personal brand clients opt for the fully immersive, one-to-one Radiant Goddess Retreat in Devon, U.K. that includes a full day photo session, lots of luxury pampering and some fine art prints. It’s amazing!

Post production
Create a shortlist your favourite images from an interactive online gallery of edited images. To wrap things up, we’ll meet on Zoom where I’ll help you to chose the most powerful collection of portraits to support your brand so you can confidently share your magic with the world!

Discover how I can help you

I’m passionate about giving my time and talent to women who are on a path of self-actualisation and who genuinely care about the planet. If this is you, I’d love to hear from you. Click below to book in your complimentary discovery session. We’ll explore your connection with nature’s seasons and elements and visualise what we might co-create.

I had the most brilliant time working with Samjhana, she gets to the heart of who you really are and brings out the ‘natural you’ – albeit looking as fabulous as possible!

Janey Lee Grace

Author, Radio Presenter and Brand Ambassador

If you’re looking for a gifted photographer to bring out the essence of your personality in a profile shoot, Samjhana will exceed your expectations.

Jayne Morris

Burnout to Brilliance Coach and Speaker

I love my portraits which have helped me to develop my own personal brand. I recommend Samjhana if you are looking for someone to take amazing portraits that really capture your true energy.

Rachel Elnaugh

Entrepreneur, former BBC TV Dragon and Founder of Source TV

After hating pretty much every photo of myself since childhood it was a big step to ask Samjhana to work with me. I knew that she would capture the real me and I wasn’t sure I was really ready for that, but I knew it was something I had to do in order to grow personally and professionally.

It was the best decision ever. All through our photoshoot day on Dartmoor, Samjhana nurtured me and encouraged me to let my guard down and immerse myself in the experience.

I now have a whole portfolio of wonderful photos that I can look at with pride, use in my business and also to remind myself that I’m already the woman that I’ve wanted to be… that projected ‘external’ person is actually who I am right now.

Challenging – yes. Emotional – yes. Worth it – 100% YES! – thank you Samjhana x

Sharon O’Brien

Creator and Founder