This private one-to-one Radiant Goddess Retreat offers you an opportunity to spend time with yourself in nature, to be pampered, and to enjoy being a woman. As you honour your mind, body and spirit, you’ll reconnect with your true essence and celebrate the wonderful woman that you are.

For professional women living in a man’s world, it can sometimes feel as though our feminine essence has been lost. This can leave us feeling empty and out of step with our true selves. Are you feeling the pressure of your busy lifestyle?

Can a few days really change how I see myself?

Yes! This is a personal retreat like no other. It’s a guided creative journey of self-expression that’s all about you seeing, experiencing and stepping into the fullness of your womanly power. The unique combination of holistic pampering, delicious food and a ceremonial photo-session will help you see yourself as you’ve never seen yourself before, as the radiant Goddess that you truly are. Surrounded by beautiful nature I’ll capture your soulful essence and unique beauty in a series of stunning fine art portraits for you to treasure always. Beautiful works of art that boost your confidence daily, to inspire positive direction and connect you to your feminine power.

Sometimes in life we get lost in the ‘doing’ and forget to just ‘be’. This amazing four-day retreat will enable you to fully unwind and find your feminine flow. All you have to do is take the train to Totnes in South Devon and we take care of everything else.



























































































In the Radiant Goddess Retreat I’ll work my magic with you in a private one-to-one Goddess photo session and reveal your true beauty in natural surroundings. You’ll return home inspired and feeling like a Goddess with a radiant glow and memories that will last a lifetime.
This retreat has everything you need to:

  • Create beautiful imagery to inspire your professional, personal or spiritual growth.
  • Relax, unwind and feel great about being you.
  • Celebrate who you are and feel nurtured radiant and beautiful!
  • Connect with your cyclical nature as a woman and discover your true feminine power.
Stunning Locations for Your Goddess Experience

When you arrive in South Devon you’ll first be greeted by the lush green hills, fresh air and birdsong. You’ll notice a stillness, a drop in the energy where you can let go off the busyness of everyday life and enjoy a slower pace. In the quiet you might hear the voice of your heart and the pulse of mother earth.

Your ALL INCLUSIVE one-to-one retreat includes

  • Pre-retreat creative consultation.
  • 6-hour photo session time at your ideal location.
  • Professional make-up artist and hair stylist throughout the day.
  • A ceremonial blessing to begin your journey.
  • 18 digital portraits.
  • 3 professional photographic prints.
  • Framed Fine Art Goddess Portrait.
  • A beautiful hand-made linen folio with two of your Goddess portraits.

At Sandwell Farmhouse:

  • 3 nights at Sandwell Farmhouse in a private en-suite double room.
  • 2 hrs pampering (massage and facial) to relax and unwind.
  • Unlimited use of the private spa, heated pool and sauna.
  • Healthy juices and deliciously balanced home made meals
This whole experience has been so rewarding and so much more than having a photo taken. I loved my pampering time with Kate, her food, the treatments and the facilities are lovely. The Goddess day itself was absolutely unforgettable, I was nervous but Samjhana brought me out of myself. Being someone who has always thought I was rather unphotogenic, I was quite speechless when I saw my portraits, I actually cried when I saw some of the photos. How had she made me look so good? Somehow my essence shone through my pictures showing me that I am more than my physical shell. I don’t know how she does it but she is genius and now I have a precious reminder of who I really am. I will always be so grateful to Samjhana and Kate for helping me to see beyond the physical and to show ME who I really am.
Pam Burn

Before my Goddess Portraiture experience I was very unhappy with myself and my life. I wanted to see myself and my sexuality in a different light, one that I felt was true to myself. I really didn’t like the way I looked in photographs.

The magic of Goddess Portraiture lies in the fact that Samjhana really learns a lot about you in order to give you an experience that you will enjoy. Her photographs are highly imaginative and capture an essence of me that I have been hoping to find: a beauty and sexuality that is simple and joyous in itself, without being childlike or pandering to society’s ideal of womanhood.

Now I no longer feel the need to compare myself to others or latch onto media trends. I know now that I am beautiful in my own way.


What a blessing and honour for knowing you in person Samjhana and having this divine experience with you.

When I saw my Goddess portraits… OMG! Wow, they are breath taking and I teared up seeing some of them as well!

Being held in your space, energy and heart for my own growth as a woman in business and as a goddess is a blessing beyond expressions! I’m forever touched in the deepest ends of my soul and heart. Thanks a million!


Overall I feel more relaxed and accepting with who I am at this stage of my life. I feel liberated and also very proud of my beach shot…which is quite a big thing for me to do at very nearly 40! I saw myself in a different light, I don’t feel as critical of myself anymore or scared of ageing…because I am ageing well LOL!

“Does this experience call to your heart? Then please download the full brochure and reach out to me at We’ll schedule a discovery call to answer your questions and if you like what you hear, you can reserve your place and then look forward to your life- changing retreat.

It will be a magical experience for us both, I promise!”