Create with me, reveal your supernature.

Your Sacred Feminine Photography experience is an invitation to awaken, expand and empower your self-awareness through a sensory experience in natural surroundings. A creative journey from which you’ll see beyond your physical self in moments of depth, presence and connection and create a sacred work of art with you at its centre.

Our journey together is so much more than a photo-shoot, it’s a co-creation and opportunity to explore and express yourself as a powerful force of nature. I see my role as a personal guide in honouring the sacred feminine by helping you explore your connection with nature and uncover qualities of your womanliness that may have lain dormant and previously hidden from you.

Many women choose to gift themselves The Sacred Feminine Photography Experience as a birthday celebration, a rite of passage, recovery from major life changes, or just because it’s time. Whatever your reason, I’ll support your life-transition and provide an energetic portal that reveals your supernature through the creation of beautiful, self-affirming works of art.

If The Sacred Feminine Photography Experience speaks to your heart, contact me to apply for a complimentary discovery call to explore this unique opportunity of personal empowerment.

The Sacred Feminine Photography Experience

My most popular package is a fully inclusive 3 day one-to-one Radiant Goddess Retreat in Devon (UK), for £3,500.00 which offers you space for full immersion into this magical journey. Download my e-brochure for more details. Higher and lower investment options are available on request.


What a blessing and honour for knowing you in person Samjhana and having this divine experience with you. Being held in your space, energy and heart for my own growth as a woman is a blessing beyond expressions! I’m forever touched in the deepest ends of my soul and heart. Thanks a million!

My experience with Samjhana was a sharing of womanhood and learning and being supported to get naked inside and out. She created the canvas for me to reveal ‘the most authentic version of me’ on and for that day with her guidance and support and so much love, through some tears and belly laughing, WE created the photos I wanna share. 

To me this photoshoot represented a moment in time to stop and capture not only my body before she travels further towards ‘home’, but the spirit that shines through. In the photos I see a ‘becoming’ woman, who I always visualised I would step into…. so partly I don’t know her yet.

Samjhana is the embodiment of woman, a light to guide you and such a sweet, present goddess who totally gets you. Of course I am gonna recommend her!! She’s ace. Would not have chosen anyone else because I needed to be ‘seen’ beyond my outer shell.