My camera is a magic wand that creates a portal for feminine evolution, expansion of self-awareness and a return to love.

I strive to capture genuine moments of connection in emotive images that are cathartic for the woman being photographed. Witnessing this oneness is an honour and I never tire of hearing a woman say, “Wow, is that really me?”.

The images we create are an expression of the Sacred Feminine principle that acknowledges our innate connection to the natural world. The exploration of Earth based spirituality through feminine archetypes, sensory expression and our supernature are leading influences. All images are co-created spontaneously on location and working intuitively with the natural flow.

Discovering the unique connection each woman has with the landscape, seasons, cycles and elements is what sparks my curiosity and inspires the location and timing of each photo-shoot. Empowering women to see beyond the image in the mirror, recognise their potential by letting the wildness in and finding a deeper meaning in life is what really lights my creative fire.

It’s my greatest wish that in sharing these intimate moments with the world, that men and women alike will experience and give greater value to the qualities of love, joy, compassion, stillness, unity, intuition, wisdom, confidence and sensuality. And that this might lead us home, to a more sustainable and peaceful world.
Many women choose to gift themselves The Sacred Photography Experience as a birthday celebration, a rite of passage, recovery from major life changes, or just because it’s time. Whatever your reason, I’ll support your life-transition and provide an energetic portal that reveals your supernature through the creation of beautiful, self-affirming works of art.
I’m passionate about giving my time and talent to women stepping up to help others with their unique gifts and who genuinely care about the planet. If this is you, I’d love to hear from you. Message me to arrange your free consultation where we’ll explore ideas and visualise what we might co-create.
This whole experience has been absolutely unforgettable, I was nervous but Samjhana brought me out of myself. I always thought I was rather un-photogenic so I was speechless and actually cried when I saw my portraits. Somehow my essence shone through which helped me to see beyond my physical shell and showed ME who I really am.

I am devoted to sisterhood and offering an alternative lens that challenges the media’s distorted projection of beauty and was awarded the People’s Choice Speaker award for TEDx Totnes​ 2015​. ​Watch my talk here.

My passion for releasing the taboo around menstruation and empowerment through the hormonal cycle led to the creation of the World’s first moon and menstruation clock in 2016: The Inner Seasons Wisdom Dial.